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Purchasing a license using PayPal from the software's web administration

The software can be used for free, or upgraded with a license that enables more functionality and software updates. License keys can be purchased directly online, or manually through [email protected].

Service provider licensing

As cloud computing became increasingly popular, so has selling virtualised firewalls and routers (sometimes referred to as IaaS). We offer flexible subscription licenses with automatic provisioning for service providers; please contact us on [email protected] for a quote.


License keys can be purchased directly online using PayPal/credit card from the web administration's System > License page. The license key is emailed to your e-mail address, immediately. The tables below contains the license restrictions that we apply, and the hardware models that we produce. Items not listed (such as OSPF routing, the number of interfaces, etc) is consequentially not restricted by license. There's also a list of performance benchmarks.

Free Lite Basic Plus  Unlimited
Price $0 Loading Loading Loading Loading
Software update Loading Included[1] Included[1] Included[1] Included[1]
Firewall rules 10 100  ∞
IPsec tunnels 1 1 1 10  ∞
VLANs 5 5  ∞
VPN users (concurrent) 5 5 10  ∞
BGP routing  ✔
Load balancer  ✔

Add-on licenses

License Price
IPsec tunnel Loading
VPN server user (concurrent) Loading
VLAN Loading
Load balancing listener Loading
BGP Loading


Commercial email and telephone support is available for (loading...). We believe in the importance of excellent support, and do everything in our power to maintain our reputation of being friendly and helpful.


When purchasing several years licenses at once, you receive 20% discount on the second year, and 30% discount of the third year. If purchasing two or more licenses to be used in a cluster, you receive 50% discount on the additional nodes.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Free (complimentary) software updates for the duration of 1 year after purchasing. Following that, it continues to be free if you renew your license annually. The renewal costs 25% of the original price .