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The cli is the default shell (console) for all administrative users (except the root user) connecting to the firewall using SSH[1]. SSH is enabled using the system { ssh-server { directive (preferable using the configure) command in the local shell. The CLI encapsulates many system tools in a hierarchal structure with friendly names and parameter abstractions. The web administration also has access to the CLI using the Diagnostics > Run command menu. However the user experience is optimized for terminal access. A complete list of commands and help texts are available by the help command.

Most noticeable is the configure command for editing the configuration.

> help all

Command auto-completion is available using the TAB key.

> he<TAB>
> help

Quoted arguments (strings) are available, using the ' and " quotation mark. Also, in order to ignore a whitespace, \ may be used.

> foo "first argument" "second argument"
> foo 'first argument' 'second argument'
> foo first\ argument second\ argument

Scripting the CLI is possible by adding the command as a argument.

$ ssh [email protected] date
[email protected]'s password: 
Wed Apr 11 11:34:26 CEST 2012