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Load balancing

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To add a layer 3 load balancer, follow these steps
# Check that the firewall is enabled by looking for a <tt>firewall</tt> statement in the configuration, or rules on the Network > Firewall page.(if not, add a rule)# Go to the Network > Load balancer page and , click the "Pools (tables)" button# Click and then click "Add pool", just # Just give it a name, and type an IP address in the table's node column (add multiple hosts by pressing the + icon to the right in the table header) and finally click "Apply"
# If you like, click the "Node (hosts)" button and give the IP addresses names
# Click the "Relays (servers)" button, click "Add..." and select "Redirect (layer 3)", just # Just give it a name, listen address (the external virtual IP), listen port, forward pool (the pool you created in step 3) and then click "Apply"# Click the "Cancel" button, then click the newly added relay in the table, and watch the health check status
== HTTPS (SSL) acceleration ==

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