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Most firewalls and routers are in fact CPU-based; even those marketed as "hardware appliances". Our The ''security router'' software is compiled for 32/64 bit Intel-compatible (i386/amd64) computers and servers, and offers a very good price/performance ratio for systems handling traffic volumes in the range of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The benchmarks below are performed using two low-end computers running Linux with <tt>iperf</tt>[] or OpenBSD with <tt>tcpbench</tt>[] (with standard configuration and without extra command-line options), in order for you to know what you should expect at least.
== Halon appliances ==We offer have benchmarked a few hardware appliances. Their port configuration, licenses and recommended prices are listed on of the servers mentioned in our list of [[pricingsupported hardware]] page.
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! HSR !! 803 APU2 !! 1200 Axiomtek NA-110 !! 2200 Lanner FW-7573B !! 3000 Portwell CAR-4010
| CPU || AMD GX-412TC 1 GHz || AMD G-T24L 1 GHz || Intel Atom C2518 1.7 GHz || Intel Xeon E31275 3.4 GHz
== Tested hardware ==
Many users prefer to use our software on their own hardware appliances. We have benchmarked a few of the servers mentioned in our list of [[supported hardware]].
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