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It came to life because we wanted a router/firewall with Unix [[root access]], strict security [[architecture]], [[SOAP|API]]s and a beautiful [[configuration file]] that applied atomically (enabling for example rollbacks without rebooting). The file system is read-only, enabling it to be run from USB thumb drivers or CompactFlash cards. It doesn't need to be "installed", the software can be [[Writing system images|written directly onto]] for example a USB stick. The system is a mix of open (web interface, system scripts, LCD interfaces, patches, [ OpenBSD]) and closed ([[backend]]) source.
== Get started ==
* [ Download] the software
* [[Getting started]] guide
** [[Writing system images]]
** [[Supported hardware]]
* [[Pricing]] and free-tier information
== Notable articles ==
=== Management ===
* [[Getting started]]
** [[Writing system images]]
** [[Supported hardware]]
* The [[configuration file]] syntax
* [[CLI]]

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