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It's possible to update all old firewall models (SX) from Halon Security to the new SR platform.

Important facts:

  • Export the old configuration before upgrade; it will be erased (you need to start over from scratch)
  • You need
    • New CompactFlash (CF) card, at least 1 GB[1]
    • CompactFlash card reader[2]
    • Screwdriver
  • Make sure that old firewall has an active software update license; otherwise buy one.

How to upgrade

  1. Export the configuration and take screenshots of the old firewall, especially the Firewall > Policies page
  2. Populate the CompactFlash card with the halon-vsr-serial-i386-XXX.img.gz from http://dl2.halon.se/vsr/ according to the guide at http://sr.wiki.halon.se/wiki/Writing_system_images
  3. Remove the old CompactFlash card
    • SX-60 and SX-150: one screw at the bottom (1 minute)
    • SX-101: 4 screws at the back (2 minutes)
    • SX-200, SX-250: a couple of crews (3 minutes)
    • SX-50: about 50 screws (30 minutes)
  4. Insert the new CompactFlash card
  5. Power up the firewall
  6. Configure your computer to use DHCP
  7. Connect your computer to the firewall's second Ethernet (called "2" or "LAN") port using a patch cable
  8. Steer your browser of choice to
  9. Sign in with username and password admin

What about the configuration?

If you have a valid support and warranty license (for example http://halon.se/buy/sx60/license) we can help you during this process. Otherwise, you can purchase consulting from us; creating a new SR configuration from your old SX configuration. It costs 1500 SEK per hour of work needed, it usually takes one or two hours.