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Halon Security is primarily the developer of a hosting-grade, scriptable email platform, but also offers the security router (SR). It's a network operating system and software distribution based on OpenBSD[1], with the main differentiator being the single, revision-managed, clear-text configuration file with soft re-configuration (atomic commits) editable from CLI and web interfaces (live demo), and documented security architecture.

In general, it's a routing platform with security and VPN features. It aims to be a replacement for proprietary solutions like Cisco IOS[2] and Juniper Junos[3]. You can download it for free from and run it from (for example) a USB stick in a x86 computer (anything from the affordable ALIX[4] to high end systems with 10GE cards), or as a virtual machine. New user are encouraged to read the getting started page.

It came to life because we wanted a router/firewall with Unix root access, strict security architecture, APIs and a beautiful configuration file that applied atomically (enabling for example rollbacks without rebooting). The file system is read-only, enabling it to be run from USB thumb drivers or CompactFlash cards. It doesn't need to be "installed", the software can be written directly onto for example a USB stick. The system is a mix of open (web interface, system scripts, LCD interfaces, patches, OpenBSD) and closed (backend) source.

Notable articles

This informational website is arranged as a wiki[5]. However, below are a list of the most requested articles for your convenience.